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Why a monthly meditation?

Each month, as the Earth revolves around the Sun, we view the Sun and surrounding constellations from a different angle.  The constellations are actually revolving around the Sun just as the Earth does, but from our vantage point on Earth we see the Sun as it moves into each of these constellations, or zodiacal signs.  It takes approximately 30 days for the Sun to move through each sign.  This system of viewing the Sun as being placed ‘in a sign’ has been used as a point of orientation for us to study the universe around us since Babylonian times, around 2000 BC.  Indeed, the Greek word planetes, means ‘the wanderers’.


Ageless Wisdom teachings explain that each sign of the zodiac transmits particular energies during this 30 day period.  Awareness of these energies enables us to expand our spiritual growth and striving, while running on automatic may throw us further into the clutches of our personality drives and urges. The strongest influx of these energies occurs at the time of the full moon. (At full moon, the moon sits ‘behind’ the Earth, in opposition to the Sun, fully reflecting the light of the Sun.) 


During the full moon period, the Sun sits directly between the designated constellation and the Earth; the moon does not block the transmission of the energies from the constellation through the Sun to the Earth.   Since the term ‘Full Moon’ connotes many superstitions and pagan ritual, some prefer to name this period the 'Sun Festival', as the Sun is amplifying and transmitting the full energy of the constellation throughout this period.  These transformative energies are most available to us the three days prior to the Sun Festival, the day of contact and the three days after the Sun Festival.


Why work with a group?

All over the world, groups of individuals dedicated to increasing virtue on the Earth gather during these time periods for group meditation.  Honestly, the last thing I want to do is join a group and be obligated to show up somewhere at the same time as everyone else and find a parking space!  Fortunately, we can work as a group and never leave our homes; we may form a group by our intention alone.  Even though we may meditate alone during these contact periods and reap benefits, the results greatly multiply when we work as a group. 


When we work as a group, we are reminded to meditate not only for ourselves, but for the good of all.  We become true servers of humanity.  That is because the group acts as an amplifier by creating a magnetic center, allowing more potent energies to be contacted and distributed to all participants.  In this way, we may increase our individual light and will power while we create a resource of energy, love and light upon which we all may draw at any time.  A protective aura, or electromagnetic field, develops for the entire group.  This field vibrates in space, sending light to all.  Today, when there are so many clouds of negative vibrations formed by group greed and hatred, it is imperative to form these fields of light to penetrate and disperse the clouds of evil and broadcast good to all.


Please join in each month, at your own time from your own home

You are invited to join each month in a group meditation which will be focused on the key virtues and energies available during each zodiacal period. The three days prior to the Sun Festival are well spent in preparation for the incoming energies; the day of contact itself provides the strongest link and then the energies may be implemented in the 3 days following, as well as throughout the entire month.   


After listening to the monthly message, please join in group meditation.  Simply envision other striving souls as points of light around the world, each one flickering and shining, and intend to join with these points as you, too, shine your light. Complete each Meditation by reciting the Great Invocation or other prayer to cement the group intent and to channel these energies to the planet.





















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